Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mac Reedy's

Ask Tog - HCI and Macs. I enjoyed using the various Kintoshes at chez Turnbull, Safari seemed a bit sloooow but I liked the display of the page-load progress in the location bar. Took my mind off how long it took to render pages.. but I managed to download Firefox and run it off the desktop. Then I moved it into an application folder using Finder and started it with the dock. Way! I can use a Mac now! I even know to remember to look up the top for the menus, and look in "recent apps" or use Finder. Though I'm not sure how to find Finder..


Anonymous said...

"I believe that to be well-worth the decrease in the time required to show displayable content"

So there.


stuart said...
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stuart said...

Yeah, don't beat yourself up. It /was/ on the older box.

My considered wisdom on this is that nglayout.initialpaint.delay (or the equivalent pref in Safari) should be set to 100 - if 100ms is the allowable reaction time for the Olympic sprinting then it's good enough for me: it seems smoother, too, though by nature it should be imperceptible..