Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Letting the name down

There's a Stuart out there who thinks his email address is stuartd@geemaildotcom - and it isn't, that's mine.

He keeps signing up for Foreign Exchange services ('Forex' - is that Four-Ex or Forrex?) and then they send me emails. After I'd had about three from some Forex trader I emailed them to tell them it wasn't me and received two very apologetic emails charmingly written by real people. Well, I suppose they can afford it. (They were even nice about me pointing out the contradiction inherent in an email disclaimer saying "if you have received this e-mail in error please notify the sender immediately" but which was sent from a noreply@ address)

Now 'StuartDemo' (I know his real name, but no need to publicise it) is working his way through these services - Interbank, Alpari, Reuters - and he's subscribed to Investopedia's newsletters - yes, all of them - and ChartAdvisor.com and tomorrow there will no doubt be a few new ones.

Doesn't he wonder why none of these emails arrive, or indeed why he can't log in to see whether he can receive them or not? Come on, Mr Stuart D*****no, sort it out already before you make all Stuarts look like idiots.

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b3uk said...

There's an Alex Turnbull at Edinburgh University who keeps using my gmail address thinking it's his - he had an eye test recently, he goes to Amnesty international events at the uni, and he's also a member of various societies. He also isn't receiving any email from any of them.

He also won a signed 4 set of CDs for some competition he entered while he was in his home town, but I had to tell them to keep it.

I don't have any way of getting in touch with him to tell him of course, and neither do any of the places he signs up.

I wonder if he'll ever realise?