Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Crash And Burn

I upgraded my app to Visual Studio 2008 - not for any particular immediate reason except wanting to see what's new and different, and I could easily enough revert to the VS2005 format.

Oh dear - crash crash crash. Crash crash crash. Constant, reproducible crashing - and one thing I could say for VS2005 was that it was extremely stable. Then I noticed ugly artifacts (badly drawn lines, 'scratches' and other digital noise) on the border of a form, which if it was the current document would cause Visual Studio to crash. Aha! Video drivers. I got the latest driver for the PC's card (an ATI Radeon x600) and voila, everything seems much more stable, and I managed to work in it for a few hours with no crashing at all. Time will tell though.


Steve Huff said...

I had the exact same problem with Red Gate's SQLPrompt with the same video card and had to update it.

A guy next to me is now having the problems you described with VS2008, he is going to upgrade the video driver and see what happens.

Have you had any crashes since?

stuart said...

No, it's been fine ever since then.