Saturday, April 19, 2008

Multiple row bookmark toolbar in Firefox 3.0 - 3.5

Note: this doesn't work in Firefox 3.6 - for now I've installed the Multirow Toolbar Extension which is working fine so far.

If you have Firefox 3.5 though, put this in your userchrome.css file: unfortunately you have to hard code the height of the bookmark bar though, so adjust that if it isn't right. Thanks and kudos to knc2007 on the Mozillazine forums.

(Note that you can't drag and drop on rows other than the first: drop a bookmark on the very right hand side of the top row and it will put it on the right hand side of the bottom row)

@namespace url("");

/* Multi-row bookmarks toolbar for Firefox 3*/
{display:block !important;}
{display:block !important;
height: 50px !important;
overflow-y:auto !important;}
#bookmarksBarContent toolbarseparator
{display:inline !important;}
#bookmarksBarContent .bookmark-item
{visibility: visible !important;}
.chevron {height: 0px !important;}


Martin said...

This one really works!! THANKS!!


dark_mage said...

This also worked for me as well.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

It really works!!
but it don't show the sparators any more.
and could I somehow get rid of that scrollbar at right?

Danker Banker said...

It doesn't seem to work with my FF. I located my chrome folder through "Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile\chrome" and then used the userChrome-example in there. Then placed the new userChrome file in that Chrome folder.

The Mozilla folder doesn't exist in my Application Data folder. Could that be the reason? Thanks.

Also, I am using 3.0.1...could that be it?

stuart said...

dragon-of-night - set the toolbar height a bit bigger and the scrollbar will disappear

danker-banker - you're right that the problem is you don't have a Mozilla folder in your Application Data folder. Do you have one called Firefox, which I think used to be the way it was set up? Are you sure you're looking in the right Application Data folder, as eah user will have one including the Administrator account?

Otherwise do a search for userchrome.css in your Documents And Settings folder (XP) or Users folder (Vista) or even your whole C drive.. I'm fairly sure this tweak will work in 3.0.1 as it still works in the 3.1beta builds.

(The file you changed is I believe the one used as a template for a new profile.)

Anonymous said...

It worked for me, but I lost all my "dividers" (my firefox is in portuguese, it's "separador" here, but I dont know the word in english)

Now I can't see the "dividers" and I can't add any new...

I'm talking about the "|" between the favorites... can someone help?

Stuart Dunkeld said...


I don't think you can use separators with this code, they just don't appear for some reason.

Anonymous said...


Brom said...

It sorta works - but only icons appear on row no.2. Very annoying. I don't mind the scroller on the right but I'd like bookmark names not icons. FF3.0.5, WinXP SP2.

Cornan The Iowan said...

I separated my Bookmarks Toolbar buttons by having giving the bookmarks and the toolbar as a whole different background colors, and adding margin-left to the buttons:

#PersonalToolbar {background-color:RGB(162,196,236) !important; } /* entire toolbar */

#PersonalToolbar .bookmark-item {background-color:RGB(250,250,128) !important; margin-left:3px !important; }