Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There came a point long ago in The Simpsons - a popular TV show about yellow people with missing fingers - where the father figure Homer became less morally sympathetic than Frank Gallagher, the feckless alcoholic unemployed drug addict father figure from Shameless. Admittedly Frank has had only five seasons to deteriorate (*), and it took Homer nine or ten years to morph from a man who tries in a spectacularly inept way to do his best for his family into a wholly unsympathetic arsehole. (If only Fox had told the voice characters to fuck off and cancelled the show when they struck for more money, there would be a canon of the highest quality instead of champagne diluted with piss.)

Anyway, I've talked about this shit before and to no avail, but I wanted to say something else anyway - if you haven't watched Shameless,you should: start from series one with Fiona and Steve, and see it all the way through to Stella. It dips a bit in the middle series maybe, but when you find your hackles rising when you hear the piano theme tickling in towards the end you know you're hooked like a fish. Make poverty history indeed!

(*) In honesty, I think Frank's character has improved a bit.

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