Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a scam!

I wish I'd thought of this stuff - Centralnic will sell you for £32.50!

What this basically means is they bought the domain (and lots of other codes) and they are selling people subdomains. For £32.50!

(About subdomains: if I owned, I could set up and and as many others as I cared to do _for free_.)

Dead Brum Society are the "Official Contracted Funeral Directors to Birmingham City Football Club" and will give you a good send off if you're a blue. Slightly misleading domain name, or perhaps they hope to expand and become the Official Contracted Funeral Directors to more clubs, or maybe the league itself.

Who is the sire, sir?

"What Is Radio 4?

Created in 1967 out of the Home Service, Radio 4 is the "daddy" of speech radio."

This is on their interactive TV page and mobile pages.. Odd that they would choose a quote from Scum.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First-order Freak

After my previous post on my fellow employees, I've been wondering which category I fall into. Oh dear!