Friday, November 02, 2007

Looking for a Wii online?

My Wii was stolen along with my MacBook, dead iBook and iPod in a recent burglary. It's been tricky to replace: my local Blockbusters had them in stock straight after I got my insurance settlement, but I really hate them so I didn't buy one. Then I regretted that particular decision, and couldn't find one anywhere: step up to the plate the realtime 'Wii In Stock webpage', which I kept open in a browser tab yesterday lunchtime. After only an hour or so it popped up with Amazon having stock, and although it seemed to be being drip-fed onto the site - I kept trying to buy one but it was out of stock by the time I reached the checkout - I got one eventually, and I just got the email to say it's been shipped so it's non-virtual and will arrive next week. I paid £1.69 for delivery, which I frankly couldn't care less about: there were websites selling the basic Wii package for £279, a premium of £100 over the usual selling price. I bet they sold them, as well.

Just in time for the release of Super Mario Galaxy! While I can't believe it can be as anything like as good as Super Mario 64 it will be fun finding out, though Becky has persuaded me to wait for my birthday: fair enough, it's only one more month and I've waited a long time.. I need to build up my Wii Sports tennis rating to something respectable first, I think I peaked at 2200 or so on my old one. I thought about buying Tiger Woods golf because I am an old fu- sorry, because I enjoyed the Wii golf game, but I'm not sure - have you tried it? Is it good?


James Turnbull said...

I played Tiger Woods once, and it was just 5 minutes, but I found it frustrating. If you know golf it's probably better, but I just wanted to whack the ball really far, not think about which wedge to use.

Last week in Nintendo World NY I played Donkey Kong flying racing bongo game thing, where you shake the wiimote and nunchuck to steer. It was loads of fun, and surprisingly tough to get a decent placement. Apparently I looked like a total numpty waving my arms about.

This was just after I bought my iPhone. That's not relevant, but I have an iPhone. iPhone iPhone iPhone, nyaa nyaa. etc.

Lisa said...

Whatever you do, DON'T buy the Brunswick Pro Bowling game. Me and the Weaver tried it yesterday and it has no atmosphere at all and the bowler doesn't correspond to your movements at all...rubbish and really disappointing. It's being traded in at the weekend :(

b3uk said...

I checked up on my Amazon pre-order for SMG, which it turns out I had placed on the 15th of November 2006. Exactly one year and one day before its release. However I cancelled my order and placed a new one, as it saved me 3 pounds. Hmmm. Anyway, despite being only a week before my own birthday, there's absolutely no waaaay I'm waiting (even though I need to finish zelda and super paper mario first really...)

I haven't played tiger woods, but I read good things about it. Maybe we could do some trading down the line...