Wednesday, August 08, 2007

To the rescue!

Breaking a bone in the outside of my foot has caused my walking pattern to change, putting a lot more weight on my heels, and causing the hard skin on them to crack open. Ouch. I've been suffering for a few days, Becky got me some cream to soften them. The instructions said to beware putting the cream in the open cracks, bit of a problem on my left foot with old Grand Canyon Crack. So I had a brainwave - superglue the cracks together before applying the cream! Worked a treat, they are a lot less sore. Wish I'd done it last week.

If you think I'm crazy (Beck did) then google for "superglue cut": there are vague concerns that cyanoacrylates (the chemical in superglues) are toxic, but a) it's on the outside and b) it isn't much and c) I got more on my fingers anyway and d) life is toxic, man.

Come to think of it, there must be a statistical split with superglue users, something like:
30% - perform gluing operation perfectly with no residue or spillage
30% - perform gluing operation satisfactorily, but get glue on your fingers resulting in some sticky moments while trying not to touch anything for more than 3 seconds so as not to get stuck to it - while still getting the gluing done.
30% - perform gluing operation, but get glue on fingers and get stuck to the thing being glued.
10% - perform gluing operation, get glue on fingers, then inadvertently squeeze the rest of the tube. With hilarious results..


b3uk said...

Every single time I have ever superglued...

1) Open superglue, carefully.
2) Glue 'thing' extremely carefully.
3) Curse as thing comes unstuck.
4) Glue less carefully.
5) Curse as fingers get glued together.
6) Curse as fingers get stuck to thing.
7) Cry as prying fingers apart removes several layers of skin.
8) Decide no longer require thing.

stuart said...

> Decide no longer require thing.

Not an option when it's your own foot! I have done the same thing many times with non-limb objects, though..