Thursday, August 02, 2007

New thing

I find myself watching a program on channel a hundred or so called [adult swim] which is apparently an animated comedy sketch show. Cruel, ruthless and funny: of course, that could be just the episode I'm watching. Let's try another.. seems some are just one scenario, some are many quickfire jokes.


James Turnbull said...

I think [adult swim] is more a collection of different cartoons than one cartoon on its own. The boondooks is one, as is space ghost and uh, other things.

I have an album by Danger Mouse (of gnarls barkley fame) and MF Doom called "The mouse and the mask" which is all about adult swim cartoons. Having not really seen any of them I didn't get a lot of the album.


stuart said...

There was a set of characters who were in two of the shows - a portion of chips, a soft drink and a burger (?) and a badly-drawn fat guy with tattoos.