Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If the cap fits..

Firefox has a few problems with Microsoft and certificates - Microsoft insist on self-signing rather than participating in the trust network - but this one made me laugh:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Everything Virgin does is shit.

We get broadband and TV from Virgin, who took it over from NTL. In the course of their first weeks of operation they have fucked up their contract with Sky and lost Sky One, which means the missus can't watch Lost. And now, suddenly and very inconveniently, it's very difficult to get through to torrent sites where episodes of Lost can be downloaded - sites like The Pirate Bay are suddenly unavailable (they can be pinged, but no connections can be made through a browser)

This is intensely annoying - not Sky One, which I am quite glad not to have any more, but I like to be able to go to whatever website I like. I linked to The Pirate Bay once before, to something I found on their "legal" page, which is worth a look, if you're not a Vigin customer that is and you are allowed to access it by your internet provider (there's also a Turkish internet provider which blocks TPB according to it's wikipedia entry)

Unfortunately our house has neither a rooftop aerial nor a BT phoneline so it will be inconvenient and expensive to change away from Virgin to Freeview and ADSL, but I think we'll be doing it.

Everything Virgin does is shit. I phoned up for Beck once to topup her mobile and the voice menu was all "Hey you" and "Great! You've topped up your mobile -- cool". Arseholes.

Edit: I'm not the first to notice.
Edit: Still no access in April.