Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's a game of 10 halves, Binary

Thanks to Satan for this revolutionary pre-match analysis: vs

Both running on windows, a dull start...
Arse 0 - 0 Barca

Both have splash screens before you enter the main site (yawn), the Barca
one has a nice language selection menu, the arse one invites you to gamble
(which we all know is very bad)...
Arse 0 - 1 Barca

HTML etc
Equalizer for the arse as the wisely decide not to use tables, however an
own goal for the over stuffing of keywords (a redundant tag as we all know)
and the use of 7 javasript includes. The arse score again as barca forgot to
declare a doctype and declare backgound colours and widths outside the css!
Another goal for the arse as barca use a spacer gif over 100 times (got
bored counting), and omit both a noscript tag and a separate print style
Arse 3 - 2 Barca

Barca equalize due to greater language options, less encouragements to
gamble ('betting' is an option on the arse main menu - very evil) and no
blatant plugs for their own tv channel and less rotating banner ads. The
arse site appears to have a greater range of club related content, history,
stats etc (ladies team - shouldn't that be women's team) and gets quite
nerdy. Visually, I prefer the barca site, it's cleaner and more readable.
Arse 3 - 3 Barca .... Penalties it is!!!!


stuart said...

Well,it wasn't to be: now I know what it's like to be a fan of the team that came second in the "best team in the world" competition. It hurts to lose, but we were there and we played well in parts. Noone expectes Defensive Arsenal!

satan said...

Well, at least we got two great games of footie in the last 5 days... Stu, I can get free tickets to World Cup Parties if you fancy a good night out.