Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Uh... this is awkward

I can't get my G4 to recognise my Apple Pro Keyboard's layout - it thinks, for example, that the @ symbol is above the 2, when in fact it is of course "

Edit: it's a Danish keyboard...


Anonymous said...

Looking at my Apple keyboard the @ symbol is above the no. 2 key! Its also like that on my old keyboard. The ' and " symbols are together on a separate key. Am i missing something?

stuart said...

My computer agrees with you, unfortunately the keyboard itself has the " symbol above the 2 key.. and the computer doesn't understand. Boo.

There 3 main types of Apple Pro keyboards: ANSI (US and North America), JIS (Japan), and ISO (Europe)
The ANSI keyboard has the layout you mention, I imagine mine is an ISO? But how do I tell the Mac that ?!?