Friday, October 28, 2005

Today we are all Seagulls

Environmental campaigners claimed the stadium would ruin the views for the 32 million visitors who walk across the Downs each year.
Brighton stadium given go-ahead
I know Falmer (the site of Brighton's new football stadium) well: I attended one of the two universities contained within the village, both of which have thousands of students, sports pitches, accommodation - and there's a massive Racquet club in one of the as well..
The Esporta Brighton Health and Racquet Club situated on the Falmer Campus was opened in November 1998. With three pools, 10 indoor tennis courts, a large fitness suite, squash courts and an activity studio – this is one of the South East’s premier leisure facilities.
Esporta Brighton Health and Racquet Club, Falmer

Another thing about Falmer is that I drive every day to work on the bypass [A27] that goes throught the middle of the village. Falmer is after all on or just outside Brighton city limits (one of the reasons it's taken so long - Falmer is in East Sussex) - it's hardly the "Gateway to the Downs".
Eventually it was time to drop down to the A27. There I left the South Downs Way and walked along the noisy highway for two miles until I reached Falmer rail station and the train back to Hove.
A South Downs Way Story - Southease to Falmer

I don't see 32 million people walking alongside the A27. I don't see 32 million people when I'm up at the [other] Falmer sports centre playing squash.. I don't see 32 million people in either university. These environmental campaigners are lying, by the evidence of my own eyes.

The other reason it's taken this long is that old class thing, because it's nasty old football after all. Well, I'm looking forward to the very proud day when I can take my children to Falmer to see the Brighton Aces. Thank you John Prescott, thank you very much.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. The people of Falmer are a fickle, shallow, mercenary bunch and the offer of compensation will soon change their minds, just like they did when the village was cut in half and a big road put through the middle of it, or have they chosen to forget that financial gain...

They just love moaning, and I can't f**king stand them!