Thursday, August 25, 2005

Excuse me, but am I on the right planet?

Time for work judo, as all the systems me 'n' Rangor have written have suddenly deemed doubledoubleplusplusungood by the Ministry Of Transmogrification: they (and consequently we) are to be replaced forthwith. Unequivocally. Aegis (the general name for the application suite) is to be extirpated, root and branch. Discarded like a soggy old goatskin.

Aegis, fittingly in this context, is a rare rhyme for egregious.

Work judo is like regular judo: use your opponent's power against them: divert their attacks, dilute their resolve, undermine their foundations. I was only a green belt at regular judo: maybe blue, I seem to remember the sensei having pity on me. Maybe not. Judo also teaches you to fall without hurting yourself: that might be more useful.

The title of this post is a slight alteration of part of the public signature used by a Mr J Dyson on some lists I lurk on. He is the only person ever to have two hits in my signature file, and the other is my all time favourite:

Next time, let's screw it up my way first

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