Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brighton Elm

The local TV news tonight reported that Brighton has one of only two elm tree populations left - of course the news item was prompted because a diseased tree in Preston Park was being photogenically cut down. Still, there must be at least some possibility they are right (they may have omitted such qualifiers as "in Sussex" or "in Britain", who knows.)


Anonymous said...

Dutch Elm Disease is that rarev thign a genuine World Wide Epidemic. It's killed more than half the Elms in the Northern USA since 1970 (
, and very nearly every Elm in Britain. Look at COnstable's 'The Haywain' to see what the countyside used to look like - and did, until 1980 or so.
They're now breeding a GM Elm which resists Dutch Elm disease,3858,4246134-103528,00.html
Brioghtom is very ;lucky to have kept so many elms, eg around the Royal Pav; but they are ball under threat from the beetle that carries the virus. Guard them well!

stuart said...

thanks for the links. I found a reproduction of the haywain

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