Friday, June 24, 2005

OK, I give up.

So, who can tell me these things about my iBook:

  1. Where is the delete key? Or, what modifier turns backspace into delete?

  2. Why don't the extras (pg up, home etc) on the arrow keys ever work? Or, what modifier makes them work, as it isn't the one that's the same shade of gray (fn)?

  3. Is "Apple" the same as "Command" or is this another Alt/Options type thing?

  4. I'm finding it hard to figure out what key combos I need for "select words" and "select lines". Is there an easy way of remembering?

  5. Why does F10 shrink my screen?


James said...


1. fn with backspace.

2. pg up is fn plus up arrow. But don't expect pg up, home etc to work all the time as they're not very mac like keys.

3. Apple = command. But never call it apple because that's what n00bs do.

4. Um, option is always the first modifier and then command the second. So command will do a "bigger" modify if you see what I mean. option shift gets words, command shift for lines.

5. F10 will 'expose' the current applications windows. If there is only one window it just makes it a little bit smaller.

stuart said...


just a couple more - is there an insert/delete mode? And where the hell's the hash key??

James said...

I don't know what insert/delete mode is?

Hash is option-3 for some reason, bullet is option-8.


stuart said...

PC keyboards have an INS key to switch between insert and delete. Basically, insert mode (what mac does) puts your typing at the cursor point: in delete mode, what you type overwrites the existing text after the cursor.

It wasn't so much I wanted to access it - I never use delete mode - I was worried I would switch it on and not know how to switch it off!

thanks for the tips - #appreciated :-) others include ¡€#¢?§¶•ªº?™‹›??‡°·‚ are these documented anywhere?

stuart said...

Ah! Edit/Special Characters seems to be the boy.

Alex said...

Wish I'd read your insert/delete bit before Stu, I spent an hour last week cursing because suddenly everything I typed overwrote what was already there!

Am finding stupidly frustrating trying to figure this PC nonsense out!