Tuesday, June 14, 2005

mickle mackle

I had to switch the scrollbar arrows to appear at the top and bottom of the scrollbar rather than at the bottom

Edit: I have switched them back.

I like the way Finder smiles at me: I miss the smile when I use Windows.

Hey! There's an apple key on the right-hand side of the space bar! I just doubled my productivity.

What's the frying-pan key called?


Anonymous said...

But why? if you scroll past what you want you have to trackpad so much further to start going up again. And then you miss it again. repeat!

If your ibook is new enough you can maybe apply the trackpad scrolling hack, which will mean you never use the scroll bars anyway.


It's called option but they also started writing 'alt' on it to appease PC folks.


stuart said...

OK, I'll give it another go with the scrollbars at them bottom. My ibook is too old for the driver, but thanks anyway.

So the "alt" *isn't* some kind of thing activated by shift - as a PC folk I find that even more confusing!


Anonymous said...

Looking down at my keyboard I see that !, ~ and ± are all activated by shift so it follows that "alt" would be too. I never noticed before but that is a really, really bad design.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I shuld create a blogger account. Hmmm...


my new name said...

no need - blogger now lets you use whatever name you like when you comment.

stuart said...

scrollbars together might take a while to get used to.. What's the key on the right-hand side of the right-hand apple key, a triangle with a hat on?

James said...

It's called the absolutely-fucking-useless-enter-key.

As a leftie I remapped it to option (aka alt aka frying pan) so I could do command-option-l much easier.

James said...

I might add that I posted the above after 4 stellas and before I read the most recent post.

It's the not-useful-to-me-enter-key.

stuart said...

what does command-option-l do?

stuart said...

Oh, and thanks for the extra enter key: my productivity just went up again!


alex said...


lols! brilliant thread lads ;-D

I never thought about the alt/shift thing actually... that is stoopid.

Command-option-L? Er, show the downloads window in Safari? Select the paragraph in BBEdit? Can't think of anything else :-D