Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New words [1] - Soap Creep

Soap Creep
It starts with just watching EastEnders: then you watch a bit of Corrie because EastEnders is so depressing, and Hollyoaks doesn't count, but the next thing you know you're scheduling in Emmerdale, spending your weekend afternoons catching up with the omnibi, and taping those ridiculous Australian afternoon soaps. CF Scope Creep.


Rangor said...

Do you think you are a soap creep then?

stuart said...

It's no surprise to me that you have difficulties with the word and/or concept of soap, Rangor, as your scaly hide requires deflumerification rather than washing. At least, that's your excuse.

I am if anything suffering Soap Creep by proxy.. I haven't wacthed *any* soaps since 1990 or so: after Den left Eastenders, and I got a job..